Parallel DataStage Job Using Funnel Stage and Stage Overview

The Funnel stage is a processing stage. It copies multiple input data sets to a single output data set. This operation is useful for combining separate data sets into a single large data set. The stage can have any number of input links and a single output link.
The Funnel stage can operate in one of the three modes:

Continuous Funnel combines the records of the input data in no guaranteed order. It takes one record from each input link in turn. If data is not available on an input link, the stage skips to the next link rather than waiting.
Sort Funnel combines the input records in the order defined by the value(s) of one or more key columns and the order of the output records is determined by these sorting keys.
Sequence copies all records from the first input data set to the output data set, then all the records from the second input data set, and so on.

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