DataDtage Jobs showing a status of “Queued” : Solution

We know regular statuses that we observe in DataStage director.

Some common statuses are-

  • Not Compiled
  • Compiled
  • Running
  • Finished
  • Finished (see log)
  • Aborted
  • Crashed

Sometimes when you trigger any datastage jobs, no job is running rather all triggered datastage jobs are going to “queued” state.

One more uncommon status is ‘Queued’. When we get this status in director?

As we know there is a limit of jobs that can run simultaneously. But why is this happening? How can we manage this?

Reason for this ‘Queued’ status is The Workload Management (WLM).

The Workload Management (WLM) was introduced in Information Server version 9.1.

This tool provides the capability to manage and control the order and priority(Low/Medium/High Priority of Jobs) given to parallel and server jobs.

Based on the priority, Jobs are running.

First running the high priority of jobs then Medium and Low priority jobs are running in end.


The main reason why jobs won’t run when The Workload Management (WLM) is enabled is because the criteria defined is not met.

Open the operations console and review the following criteria for the Queue if any of them are red, then you will either need to adjust the thresholds or address the cause.

  • Maximum running jobs/Job Count
    Specify the maximum number of concurrent running jobs allowed on the system.
  • CPU Usage
    Specify the maximum CPU usage that is allowed on the system. If the current CPU usage exceeds this value, the job is not allowed to start.
  • Memory Usage
    Specify the maximum memory usage that is allowed on the system. If the memory usage exceeds this value, the job is not allowed to start.
  • Job Start
    Specify the maximum number of jobs that are allowed to start in the specified number of seconds.

The workload management process checks the system resource usage against the four system policies to determine if another job can be started.

If all the checks are successful, workload management process checks the queue definitions to determine which job is started.

If one of the checks is not successful, a job is not started until more resources are available.

If job monitoring is enabled, the Job Count, CPU Usage, and Memory Usage system policies also show the current system values.

You can click the current system values to see further details. If the current system value exceeds the threshold value for a system policy, the current system value is shown with a red background.

If however, you don’t want this feature, simply modify the DSODBConfig.cfg found in {DS ServerInstallDirectory}/InformationServer/Server/DSODB directory

Look for the following line text and edit the value to 0

# DataStage Workload Manager Configuration
# ===================================================
# The following enables workload management if set to 1, or disabled if 0.

If set to ‘1’ Then (Enabled)
If set to ‘0’ Then (Disabled)

Unix Commands to Update the file are-

cd {DS ServerInstallDirectory}/InformationServer/Server/DSODB

vi DSODBConfig.cfg

That’s it. Now you won’t get the ‘Queued’ for the jobs.



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