DataStage Scenario Based Interview Questions-1


As a DataStage ETL developer, you can expect a minimum of 2 scenario-based questions in any DataStage interview. This is common across all organization’s interviews. The interviewer might want to assess your problem-solving skills by throwing scenario-based questions.

The interviewer might judge your 50% of technical knowledge by looking at your answers to scenario-based questions.

So if you know different ways (you might have more than one solution for the same problem) to answer that scenario problem, it would be better to explain all the ways or the best/optimized way.

Don’t try to answer in a hurry, take few minutes to design your job and explain the ETL job stage by stage or draw your ETL job design on a piece of paper.

You would be asked questions like (You can use any stage to solve these problems):
Input Data:
Expected Output:
What could be your answer to the above scenario? of course, this is not a complex scenario unless you know it can be answered in a single stage.
(Comment on this post if you know the answer)

Sometimes you might have to face complex ETL job design scenarios also.

So to help everyone out there who is going to attend the DataStage interviews, I am trying to gather all the DataStage scenario-based questions and solutions for them.

Below I have given some of the scenario-based questions and solutions for them. I will add few more scenarios in the future whenever I come across them.

1. Datastage Scenario Based Question – Separate Numbers And Alphabets

2. Datastage Scenario: Reverse The Word

3. Find Nth Highest Salary Group By Deptno From Emp Table In Datastage

4. Capture Unique Records (Have No Duplicates) In Datastage – Job Design – 2

5. Capture Duplicate Records In Datastage – Job Design – 1




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