DataStage Macros (DSMacros)

DS Macros are built from Data Stage functions and do not require any arguments.
A number of macros are provided in the JOBCONTROL.H file to facilitate getting information about the current job, and links and stages belonging to the current job.
These can be used in expressions, job control routines, filenames and table names, and before/after subroutines. Some Parallel transformer Macros are listed here, as said, these can be used in anywhere in job.


DS Macro Name Explanation
DSHostName This macro will give you the Host name of DataStage server.
DSJobController This returns the name of the job that started the current one (if any).
DSJobInvocationId This will return the InvocationId of job if job is multiple instance enables
DSJobName As name says, return the Job name
DSJobStartDate Return Job Start Date
DSJobStartTime Return Job Start Time
DSJobStartTimestamp Return Job Start timestamp
DSJobWaveNo This is kind of Sequence no generated for each successful job run. When compiled – 0
Each successful run – last+1
Each un-successful run – last+0
DSProjectName Return Project Name of running job




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