The WebSphere DataStage server has a centralized file for storing environment variables called dsenv in $DSHOME.
$DSHOME identifies the WebSphere DataStage installation directory.
The default directory is /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine.

You might need to add new environment variables as you configure WebSphere DataStage to connect to different databases using plug-ins or ODBC drivers.
Any environment variables you need for interactive use of ODBC drivers to make a connection to an ODBC data source must be added to the dsenv file.
This lets the WebSphere DataStage server inherit the proper environment for ODBC connections.

For a connection using a wire protocol driver, there are no changes required to dsenv.

For a connection using a non-wire protocol driver, you generally need to specify the following information in the dsenv file:
  •     environment variables required by the database client software
  •     database home location
  •     database library directory
  •     the PATH environment variable

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