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31. If a sequence generator (with increment of 1) is connected to (say) 3 targets and each target uses the NEXTVAL port, what value will each target get?

When we connect the NEXTVAL output port of the Sequence Generator directly to the surrogate key columns of 3 target tables, the Sequence number will not be the same.

A block of sequence numbers is sent to one target tables surrogate key column. The second targets receives a block of sequence numbers from the Sequence Generator transformation only after the first target table receives the block of sequence numbers.

Suppose the requirement is like that we need to have the same surrogate keys in both the targets, then we need to keep expression transformation between Sequence transformation and Target. So that expression transformation can receive unique value from sequence transformation.

32. What do you mean by SQL override?

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33. What is a shortcut in Informatica? Have you used it in any project?

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34. You are required to perform “bulk loading” using Informatica on Oracle, what action would perform at Informatica + Oracle level for a successful load?

Informatica: Need to change the ‘Target load type’ to ‘Bulk’ at session level along with other default options.
Oracle: Table should not have indexes created. Need to drop the indexes before loading data with bulk mode.

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35. What precautions do you need take when you use reusable Sequence generator transformation for concurrent sessions?

36. Is it possible negative increment in Sequence Generator? If yes, how would you accomplish it?

37. What is a dynamic lookup and what is the significance of NewLookupRow? How will use them for rejecting duplicate records?

38. If you have more than one pipeline in your mapping how will change the order of load?

39. What is Persistent Lookup cache? What is its significance

40. What do you mean by direct loading and Indirect loading in session properties?




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