Snowflake SnowPro Certification Sample Questions-1

Below are the sample questions for Snowflake certification. I have gathered total 30 questions and posted them in 2 posts.

Please go through them and note that answers are in red color.

  1. Which type of Data Integration tools leverage Snowflake’s scalable compute for data transformation? Select the best answer.
    Database Replication
  2. Select all of the answers that describe Snowflake micro-partitions. Micro-partitions:
    Are the physical data files that comprise Snowflake’s logical tables
    Are written to a customer configured cloud storage location
    Will be updated as their row & column values are updated
    Enable horizontal and vertical query pruning
  3. Which of the following statements are true about Snowflake Data sharing? Select all that apply.
    Consumers can query shared tables in the same query as their own tables
    Producers can share data to other databases such as Postgres and MySQL
    You don’t need a Snowflake Virtual Warehouse to query shared data
    Data Sharing is integrated with role-based access controls
  4. True or False: When data is staged to a Snowflake internal staging area using the PUT command, the data is encrypted on the client’s machine.
  5. Which of the following are types of caching use by Snowflake? Select all that apply.
    Warehouse caching
    Index Caching
    Metadata caching
    Query result caching
  6. Which of the following is not a layer in Snowflake’s Architecture?
    Cloud Services
    Data Catalog
    Virtual Warehouses
  7. Which of the following techniques can be used in Snowflake to improve query performance?
    Index definition
    Cluster Keys/Reclustering
    Distribution keys
    Query Hints
  8. True or false: Snowflake offers tools to extract data from source systems.
  9. Which of the following are options when creating a Virtual Warehouse?
    1. Auto-suspend
    2. Storage size
    3. Auto-resume
    4. Server count
  10. True or false: The warehouse cache may be reset if a running warehouse is suspended and then resumed.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE
  11. Which of the following best describes Snowflake’s processing engine?
    1. Leverages Apache Spark
    2. Based on Map Reduce
    3. A derivative of Presto
    4. Native SQL
  12. Which role in Snowflake allows a user to administer users and manage all database objects?
    4. ROOT
  13. Which transformations are available when using the COPY INTO command to load data files into Snowflake from a stage? (select all that apply)
    1. Filters
    2. Aggregates
    3. Column data type conversion
    4. Column concatenation
  14. The following factors affect data load rates: (select all that apply)
    1. Physical location of the Stage
    2. RAM on the Virtual Warehouse
    3. Gzip compression efficiency
    4. Thread size
  15. True or false: Virtual Warhouses cannot be resized while queries are running.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE

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If you want to practice these questions, you can practice them in the below video:



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