.odbc.ini file in datastage

The .odbc.ini file gives information about connecting to the database (wire protocol drivers) or the database client (non-wire protocol drivers). If your system uses a mix of drivers, your .odbc.ini file will contain a mix of entry types.
Configuration examples for the various platforms are provided in $DSHome/branded_odbc/IBM_Tools in the odbc.ini file.
  •     aix_4.2.odbc.ini for AIX® systems.
  •     sun_4.2.odbc.ini for Solaris systems.
  •     linux_4.2.odbc.ini for Linux® systems.
These files give the minimum parameter settings required to create a working odbc.ini file. They each give configurations for the following databases:
  •     DB2® on Linux, UNIX®, Windows®, and AS400
  •     Oracle on Linux and UNIX
  •     Informix® on Linux, UNIX, and Windows
  •     Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 connection
  •     Sybase on Windows



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