“Phantom” is the name that DataStage uses to mean “background process”.

If a process is running and if you kill the process some times the process will be running in the background. This process is called phantom process.

You can use the resource manager to cleanup that kind of process. For every job in DataStage, a phantom is generated for the job as well as for every active stage which contributes to the job.

These phantoms writes logs regarding the stage/job. If there is any abnormality occurs, an error message is written and these errors are called phantom errors. These logs are stored at &PH& folder.

Log files are created in the folder &PH&. A &PH& folder exists in each DataStage project folder. A DataStage job phantom will create a log file in the &PH& folder named with the prefix DSD.RUN_, a DataStage active stage will create a log file in the &PH& folder named with the prefix DSD.StageRun_.

All log files end with a time and date suffix. The time is seconds since midnight, and the date in a Universe Julian date.

Phantoms can be killed through DataStage Administrator or at server level.



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